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Baby Veronica’s Verdict – Lessons for Tulsa Child Custody Cases


Who has more rights in a Tulsa child custody case?  A biological father who signed away his rights?  Or the parents who adopted his daughter?  What if the child is part Cherokee and subject to the Indian Child Welfare Act?

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Tulsa child custody cases can become  fierce when both sides want to retain full custody of a child.  Baby Veronica’s case is one such example.  When her father, Dusten Brown was deployed to Iraq several years ago, he gave up custody to the girl’s mother.  Veronica’s mother then put the baby up for adoption.  Veronica was adopted by a South Carolina couple.

Two years later, Mr. Brown went to court to try to regain custody of his child.  He used the Indian Child Welfare Act to do so and Veronica lived with him for two years.  The Capobiancos (Veronica’s adoptive parents) continued to fight for the girl they considered their daughter.  After two more years of court rulings and appeals the Supreme Court of Oklahoma lifted a ruling that kept Veronica in Oklahoma while her father pursued custody.

The result?  Baby Veronica is back with her adoptive parents despite the fact that custody negotiations are still ongoing.

Baby Veronica’s case is complicated by the rules regulating the children of American Indians, who are subject to a degree of tribal jurisdiction.  But, any Tulsa child custody case can become a battle.  That’s why it’s important to carefully select a Tulsa child custody attorney who can confidently and carefully negotiate for you.  It’s important to remember before beginning Tulsa child custody agreements that the court is obliged to look to the best interest of the child.  At the Denton Law Firm, we’re aware of that.  We plan for that.  We help you create the best possible child custody arrangement for you and your child.

Child custody issues can be difficult.  But they don’t have to be agonizing.  Let the Denton Law Firm help you to ensure everything about your arrangement is properly documented.  Let our experienced Tulsa child custody attorneys help you today. Email us or call (918) 221-3999.


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