Tulsa Child Custody

Tulsa Child Custody Arrangements

In Tulsa, child custody decisions during a divorce are based on what’s best for the children. But custody is not an open and shut item.  It’s an ongoing issue.  Your children’s best interests might change.

Keep that in mind as you coordinate time sharing with your former spouse. Stay focused on your children and what they need.  Don’t focus on the irritating actions of your ex. But, if your ex makes it difficult to adhere to the child custody agreement or if your children are in danger from your former spouse, you should contact an attorney to determine if custody can be modified.

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Tips for Child Custody Visitation

To keep the peace in a child custody arrangement, be on time for drop offs. Make sure the kids are clean and ready to go. Don’t delay just to spite the ex. Remember, it’s your child’s time too. Think about the hand off as the start of vacation for you.

This is the kids’ reunion time with their other parent. Don’t discuss other plans or business with your ex during hand off. And don’t have your children carry messages for you. That generally increases the stress on your child. It can also cause a case of “telephone” where your message is misconstrued. Make all arrangements over the phone or via email.

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Warnings About Child Custody

Keep in mind that once child custody is established, any of your actions can affect a judge’s ruling.  Many people are angry with their ex.  Don’t be surprised if your ex attempts to use child custody as a weapon against you. But, do not withhold visitation.  A judge must authorize any changes to visitation in Tulsa child custody cases.

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