Tulsa Domestic Violence Attorney

Tulsa Domestic Violence Protective Order Attorney

Unfortunately, all too often the stress of divorce can lead to violent, stalking, and harassing behavior. The Oklahoma Legislature passed a series of laws protecting individuals from domestic violence and violence occurring in the divorce process. These laws include a provision that allows a judge to issue a special protective order for the victim. This protective order legally restricts the actions of the aggressor.

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What is a Domestic Violence Protective Order?

Both men and women can seek a domestic violence protective order. Protective orders can be issued based on domestic violence, stalking, or harassment. Additionally, a victim protective order can only be sought by ┬áperson who was victimized by a spouse, ex-spouse, you ex-spouse’s new spouse, or someone you have dated, to name a few.

The domestic violence protective order has sweeping impact in a family law case. The Court can consider the facts alleged in the hearing for the protective order when determining child custody. Additionally, if a person violates a domestic violence victim protective order, they can be criminally prosecuted for a misdemeanor or a felony. Finally, the issuance of a domestic violence protective order can restrict a person’s right to possess or purchase any firearm.

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