Tulsa Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Tulsa Collaborative Divorce Attorney

In addition to the traditional format of divorce, which involves litigation, we provide an alternative called collaborative divorce. In collaborative divorce, mediation is used instead of litigation. If both sides are willing, the divorce can be finalized  without ever having to litigate the matter in court. Many people prefer collaborative divorce over the traditional litigation because it creates a lower amount of stress on the parties and children.

Collaborative Divorce – A Team Approach

In collaborative divorce, each person commits to compromise with the assistance of their attorneys. Each party must commit themselves to resolving differences in a fair and equal manner.

The parties work with each other, their attorneys, and often counselors or divorce coaches.  Together, this team works through the issues relating to the divorce. Through commitment and teamwork, a collaborative divorce can achieve satisfactory results without the stress and animosity that often accompanies a traditional divorce.

Peaceful Closure

Collaborative divorce has the ability to resolve a divorce with a less financial and emotion strain than a traditional divorce. However, because collaborative divorce involves elements of alternative dispute resolution, it is important to utilize an attorney who has received training in the field. We have received training from the leading institution in alternative dispute resolution and have utilized the skills in our practice for many years.

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