Tulsa Alimony Attorney

Tulsa Alimony Attorney

Individuals usually support each other financially during marriage. Therefore, the Courts have established a process where one spouse continues to support the other spouse after the marriage has ended. This process is commonly referred to as alimony. Alimony is usually awarded to one person when they were financially dependent on their spouse during the marriage.

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Reasons for Alimony

Unlike child support, there are no written guidelines for judges to follow in determining alimony. Rather, alimony is determined by the Court on a case-by-case basis. The Court generally considers the financial need of the person requesting alimony and the ability of the other person to pay alimony. Other factors the Court may consider include:

  • Income of Both Persons
  • Length of the Marriage
  • Standard of Living Enjoyed During the Marriage
  • Job History and Employability of Both Individuals
  • Educational Background and Ability to Retrain

The purpose of alimony is to serve as a temporary support mechanism for the spouse. The temporary support is meant to provide the same quality of life to the spouse until he or she is able to find another means of support.  If the Court awards alimony, it will determine how long alimony will be paid and how much is paid. Because the Court can set alimony at any level, it is best you seek the assistance of a experience attorney who can represent you during this process.

Divorce is challenging and alimony only adds another layer of difficulty. However, we can help you through the process so that you are protected and your financial future is secure.

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