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Worries about divorce usually revolve around two things: the kids and the property division. If you are thinking about a divorce in Tulsa, you might think that your assets will just be split down the middle. After all, Oklahoma is an equitable distribution state. But “equitable distribution” really only means, “fair share”. Contrary to what most people think, a “fair share” of the property does not always mean a 50/50 split. Rather, in many cases one party gets more of the property than the other side. That is why it is critical that you have an experienced Tulsa Divorce Lawyer working on your side. We can help. Call or email us today: (918) 221-3999.

During a divorce, the judge will look at things like earning potential and child custody before the divorce property division occurs.The court considers each spouse’s contributions to the marriage. The judge may also take into account misconduct.

There are so many factors a judge can consider and there are so many ways your former spouse can argue for a larger share of the pie. Don’t be caught off guard. We are the Tulsa Divorce Lawyers who can help. We will guide you through the property division process to ensure you receive a fair share of the assets.  Call us for a free consultation regarding your situation today.  (918) 221- 3999.

What is Divided?

All property, money, or debts that appear during the marriage are eligible for divorce property division in Tulsa.  Property includes not only the house and cars, but even furniture.  Money includes the bank account and all retirement accounts.  And debts can include anything from a line of credit to the credit cards your ex might not have told you about.

The exceptions are inheritance, items acquired prior to marriage, or gifts.  Of course, prenuptial agreements change the nature of divorce property division.

There are many complications during divorce property division.  It can turn into a bitter and emotional battle.  That’s why having an experienced divorce attorney at your side is key.  We are the Tulsa Divorce Attorneys who can pursue property division using the approach you are most comfortable with.  We can utilize mediation techniques to make the process as painless as possible.  Or we can aggressively pursue a settlement that’s fair to you.  Email or call us today.  (918) 221- 3999.


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