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Alimony and Spousal Support

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Awarding Alimony or Spousal Support in a Tulsa Divorce

Alimony is the court’s attempt to fairly compensate a spouse who makes less money or has been a homemaker. Alimony is also known as Spousal Support in Oklahoma and can be granted as early as legal separation. Alimony payments can have a time limit. The unwritten rule of thumb is a year of alimony for every three years of marriage. But, the judge can choose to grant lifetime alimony payments.  A Tulsa divorce judge ultimately determines spousal support in a divorce. Because the stakes are so high when dealing with alimony, you need the Tulsa Divorce and Alimony Attorney you can count on. Contact us for a free consultation today: (918) 221-3999.

Factors Considered in Determining Alimony

The judge has a great deal of flexibility when assigning alimony.

  • Ability to Pay:  Does the spouse earning more have money left for payments after expenses like taxes and healthcare?  There needs to be enough cash left for spousal support to be considered.
  • Earning Potential:  What earning potential does each spouse have?  If both spouses have business degrees but one stayed home with the kids, both have earning potential. This reduces or even eliminates alimony payments.  Whether both exes have jobs does not matter so long as they both have equal earning potential.  On the other hand, when one person can’t support themselves, spousal support increases.
  • Marriage Debts:  Any debt accumulated during the marriage has to be divided during divorce.  The amount of debt allocated to each person can affect spousal support.

There are many factors to consider when you are getting divorced in Tulsa.  Alimony has long lasting consequences and many tax implications.  That’s why it’s important to have an effective attorney advocate for you.  The Denton Law Firm can help you navigate the murky depths of alimony so that you come out with your head above water.

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