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Tulsa Child Custody Options

How do you split the time with the kids? That’s one of the main concerns in any Tulsa child custody case. The tone of the divorce often sets the tone for custody hand offs. Many people think about how often they can handle seeing their ex. But research shows child custody might be better when it’s designed around the needs of the child.

The Denton Law Firm can help you draft a custody agreement that works best for your family. Our caring child custody attorneys will work with you to develop a productive time share plan. Email or call today. (918) 221- 3999.


When considering how to split time with an infant, keep this in mind: some university studies say that the baby sleep every night at the same house. This means visits should be afternoon or early evening visits so the child can maintain a sleep schedule.

Tulsa child custody visits are probably the most important part of your divorce. Bonding time with your child depends on a good contract, one that works for both sides. The Denton Law Firm is prepared to draw up custody agreements or work via mediation to provide the best solution possible. Call (918) 221- 3999.


From eighteen months to three years, kids can begin overnight visits on the weekend. The length of the child custody visits is subjective, based on your relationship with your former spouse.

The relationship between parents has a huge effect on the kids. Keep everything as positive as possible. Let the Denton Law Firm negotiate your Tulsa child custody agreement. We’ll be the intermediary and negotiate a fair custody agreement. Email or call (918) 221- 3999.


Kids age three to five can start to spend the entire weekend away from the primary caregiver’s home. They might also spend weeknights. But its still important to keep the same schedule for sleep at both houses.  Agree on bedtime.

If your child is getting older and you need to change your Tulsa child custody arrangements, contact the Denton Law Firm . We’re here to help ensure you end up with the best custody agreement possible. Contact us.

School Age Children

Once children are six, they can split the week between each parent’s home. Around age ten, kids can start spending a week at each parent’s house.  Of course, every family situation is unique, but it is important to . The Denton Law Firm understands and respects that. We are fully prepared to help you draft a Tulsa child custody agreement that works for you and your children. Call or email to get started.  (918) 221- 3999.

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