Tulsa Divorce Lawyer

How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked is, "How much is it going to cost?"

While no one can predict how much a divorce or other family law issue will ultimately cost, we want to give you some guidance on what it costs to work with The Denton Law Firm PLLC. 

For all new clients we typically require a minimum starting retainer of $2,500.00. This must be paid in full before we start any work on your case. $2,500.00 is the minimum retainer, however, some cases may require a larger retainer. After your initial consultation, we will let you know how much of a initial retainer you will need to deposit.

Legal work is billed on an hourly basis. This means that for every hour that one of our attorneys or paralegals works on your case, we will charge a predetermined rate against your retainer that you deposited. At the end of the month, all clients are asked to refill their retainer for whatever charges there were against their retainer (for example, attorney's time, court filing fees, etc.). 

Many cases where both parties are in agreement on the separation of property and custody of the children can be finalized for the initial retainer amount. However, if the divorce is contentious, the cost of a divorce can grow. 

The best way to get a better grasp of what the cost of your divorce might be is to give us a call and set up an initial strategy session where we can learn more about your case and what you want. You can reach us at: (918) 221-3999.